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The K.A.L Division
(Kernels and Lettuce)
Example Image K.A.L: (Kernels and Lettuce) Welcome to K.A.L. K.A.L is short for THE CERNELS AND LETTUCE DIVISION FOR THE EXCLUSIVE FRIENDS OF KAL R. TAG. The reason of this page is to unite all K.A.L Division members. In order to become a K.A.L Division member, you have to be a very good friend of Kal Tag(The founder of this exelent porgram.)

Subdivision "N.U.K.I"
(What is it)
N.U.K.I is just some group of letters. It refers to the top K.A.L members of the division. it is a very big prevlige to be a "N.U.K.I."

N.U.K.I Events
You must have proper identification to enter here.
N.U.K.I Chat
N.U.K.I messages

K.A.L- main Division section
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